Premier Marine is engaged in Dry Docking jobs which carrying out blasting and painting for all type of commercial vessel and passenger vessel both steel and aluminium , all types of mechanical jobs, structural jobs , Carpentry jobs & Electrical Refurbishment with full customer satisfaction.

Services Offered

■ Structural steel renewal & refitting.

■ Aluminium hull repair

■ Yatch repairs and refurbishments

■ Hull Blasting and painting

■ Turbo charger Overhaul

■ Main Engine / Auxiliary engine overhauling

■ Tail shaft and propeller repair

■ Pump,compressor,Purifier & valves overhauling.

■ Windlass overhauling

■ Pipe line repairs

■ Hydraulic Repairs

■ Eletrical Repairs, Automation & refurbishment Jobs

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